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Taylor's Port Fine Ruby 0,75 l
Taylor's Port Fine Ruby 0,75 l
Krátky popis Designový produkt Taylor's Port Fine Ruby 0,75 l od výrobce Ostatní u nás najdete levně od 319 Kč
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Taylor’s Fine Ruby a blend of full bodied Port wines aged for around two years in large oak vats in Taylor’s cellars, or ‘lodges’, in Vila Nova de Gaia As they age, they gain smoothness and elegance while retaining their fruitiness, intensity and youthful ruby colour  They are then blended together for balance and consistency With its firm tannins and concentrated fruitiness, Fine Ruby is perfect for the classic port-and-cheese combination It is particularly good with blue-veined and richly flavoured soft cheeses  It also pairs well with berry fruit and dark chocolate flavours and, like all red Ports, makes an excellent after dinner drink Tasting Notes Stylish fruity nose, full of intense concentrated blackcurrant and cherry aromas Full bodied and firm, the palate is crammed with luscious black fruit flavours
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vlastnost červené portské víno
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